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Player: Amanda
Contact: Clearbones @ plurk


Character: Ionasal.kkll.Preciel (Real name = Nei Yuuki)
Age: early 20s
Canon: Ar Nosurge
Canon Point: Phase 1, pre-awakening

Ciel Nosurge & Ar Nosurge links

The Surge Concerto series timeline vs game release is a bit confusing. The first game that came out, Ciel Nosurge, is set in Ion's mind during Phase 1 of Ar Nosurge. Ciel Nosurge focuses on the recovery of Ion's memories about the events leading up to her amnesia. The memories of Ciel Nosurge cover up to the point of Ra Ciela's destruction and Ion's kidnapping into the future, which begins the start of the Nosurge games. Time-wise, it is implied between games that Ion has been in stasis for a year before the beginning of Ciel Nosurge, and it takes at least two years for her to recover her memories and wake up.


It’s easy to sum up Ionasal is a kind person who wears her heart on her sleeve. In the very beginning of Ciel Nosurge, she rescues a dying Imaginary-type Genom, Telefuken, whom later becomes her best friend and partner. Initially she had been told not to synchronize with him because of her status as the Tenmon princess (the political fraction known for preferring Cielnotron over Genoms and seeing them as lower beings). But Ionasal refuses to stand by and let Telefuken suffer: "I can't just pretend I don't see another's suffering when it's right in front of my face." Even as the world is dying and the population is torn between two political fractions with opposing views on how to save themselves, Ionasal looks past society’s divisions and tries to convey that she wishes everyone to be happy without having to sacrifice one side or the other. Ionasal takes the same stance in Ar Nosurge in the war between humans and Sharl. She understands that the Sharl are blindly following orders while trying to do good for the humans, but she also investigates and learns that the purification process is killing humans for Zill’s & Nelo’s plan rather than saving them. However, she doesn’t immediately side with the humans. Humans have been forced to live in poor conditions to protect themselves, so they are desperate to try and wipe out the Sharl for kidnapping them. For both Ciel Nosurge’s Tenmon vs Chimon politics and Ar Nosurge’s Sharl vs humans war, Ionasal tries her best to get each side to understand one-another and to limit as much suffering between the groups as possible.

Ionasal is the kind of person who is easy to read because she’s very open about expressing her thoughts and feelings. However, this doesn’t always help her own situation when stating her opinion would get her in trouble. On occasion, she has a habit of being so straightforward that people think that she’s not completely aware of her surroundings or has a weird way of thinking because her thoughts don’t match the majority. But once she’s set on something, be it trying to change others’ opinions or accomplishing a goal, Ionasal is INCREDIBLY stubborn. Luckily for everyone she normally has good intentions.

But Ion is not all flowers and sunshine. She has been through a lot of trauma and painful experiences. In Ciel Nosurge, Ionasal kidnapped across dimensions, experimented on, and locked up for years before the Empress Candidate Trial. As the Tenmon Princess, she is forced into a politcal role in a society she knows nothing about, has her body taken over and mentally tortured to the point that she tries to kill off her own soul, and is eventually forced to destroy Ra Ciela (including all the inhabitants that decide to stay instead of joining the migration)…Even though she had desperately wanted to save the planet. And it doesn’t stop there! She’s kidnapped again just before the migration to Ar Ciel and has her identity and memories completely stripped from her to keep her trapped within a mental prison. In Ar Nosurge, after her memories are restored, she has to keep Nay from dying, watches as Earthes (her dear robot husband) is turned into scrap mental while protecting her as she tries to keep the migration ship from eating up everyone’s souls as a power source, and then she has her soul briefly separated from her body (again) while trying to sing the song that would reincarnate the planet Ra Ciela.

Really, this girl has been through a lot.

Despite being friendly and wishing well towards all living things, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise when Ionasal actively sabotages Earthes/the player’s efforts to learn more about her through her soulspace and deepen their bonds. In one Genometrics level, Ionasal sets up 4 rigged tests that leads the player to fail multiple times, resulting in Earthes being scrapped multiple times and thrown away in Ion’s mental world. Eventually, when the last test is available and finished properly, Ion explains that the tests were to prove that Earthes/the player actually cared about her and to prevent a fake relationship full of lies. In a higher Genometrics level, Earthes slowly uncovers the truth that Ion is not who she really is: rather, she has been suppressing the memories of her original identity as Nei Yuuki from Earth. Ion pleads with Earthes not to continue exploring her soulspace, afraid that she’ll remember everything and that she cannot face the pain of being taken from her world. It’s only through Earthes’ reassurance that they can find a way to bring her back to Earth that she finally agrees to allowing herself to remember the past. The anger and pain of being kidnapped and imprisoned is shown through Renall’s and Ion’s shared mental world. Renall was in charge of keeping Ion imprisoned and wants to repent while Ion is still trapped in a prison in their mental world. Ion eventually tricks Earthes into letting her escape while imprisoning the mental world’s version of Nay and has seemingly gone mad with thoughts of revenge towards Renall. She forces to Renall to commit suicide over and over (being revived immediately each time), and when Earthes tries to stop her, she puts Earthes through another series of rigged tests. She breaks the 4th wall by passive-aggressively rubbing it in the player’s face that she’s probably just another girl behind a screen and that the player doesn’t really love her. It’s all kinds of messed up, but the player can keep insisting that they do love her which eventually calms down her rage towards Renall too. At the end of the mental world’s story, Ion explains that it was also another test to see if the player was really her “prince” and that it was probably an immature thing to do. That Genometrics level is a good example of how Ion normally internalizes extreme negative thoughts, traumatic experiences, and distrust.

Also…it’s probably important to note Ion’s more kinky side since it’s a rather prevalent theme in relation to dependency, especially in the Genometrics. With Kanon, there’s a particular scene where Ion is forced to step on Kanon, and both seem to shyly agree at the end of the mental world’s story that they both enjoyed it. This little fetish of theirs comes up again in a deeper level again with Ion taking on a dominant role and Kanon as the submissive who always follows Ion’s thoughts and opinions rather than making her own decisions. Nay also appears too with her misplacing her anger for having her body taken from her towards Ion and also using Ion’s caring side to set up “safe” close-to-death experiences for constant thrills. Ion takes on the dominate role for both relationships, essentially filling both Kanon and Nay’s needs in order to keep them depending on her. The player interjects and convinces Kanon that she needs to think for herself and that Nay should take ownership of her anger rather than blaming her misfortune on others and wallowing in it through torturing herself. However, Ion is desperate to keep them dependent on her and explains that no one ever depended on her back home and if they don’t need her to fill some sort of role, she’s afraid she’ll lose them. The theme of dependency through submissiveness also pops up between Earthes and Ion, with Ion taking on the more submissive role when she wants to perpetuate the idea that she needs the player and loves them. She also takes on the more dominate “master” role when she’s testing the player about their feelings towards her.

….Yes, Ionasal has a lot of deep-seated mental issues and insecurities, but in reality, she is still one of the most caring and sweetest people. A good example is when she becomes empress and must destroy the planet to migrate to a new one. Right before she sings Ra Ciel Fusor, she speaks to the planet's Will:
"Ra Ciela, you've been nuturing the people of this planet for so, so long. While I may not be one of your children, I love this planet and its people so much. I will take your place, and look after all of their lives...Leave it to me!"
Many of the Sharl and Genoms note her as having a strong and pure soul and as someone they would like to connect with (which means a lot given that they’re essentially higher beings compared to humans). She takes on a lot of responsibility to make sure no one has to be sacrificed or suffer, tries to atone for her “sin” of destroying Ra Ciela and later succeeds in Ar Nosurge, and she even tries to get Nelo to love the world rather than discard it to return to her own.

And of course, she's a total gear-head and even calls herself one. She'll go wild and giddy over a stroll though stores that sell mechanical parts and always loves to create robots and fix machines. In Ciel Nosurge's life simulation, she's always reading, cooking, sewing, or making new gadgets.


Incredibly skilled with building machines, robots, and bombs & is knowledgeable in physics, math, and programming (although she is more talented working with hardware than software). Anything she takes an interest in, she'll likely read up on it till she's at a professional level.

Oversight: the ability to have insight that one should not be able to have such as being able to look at different times, different places in space, different future possibilities, and insight to other souls. Altering any of the dimensional aspects (whether it's teleportation, time travel, or slightly altering reality) requires time and a lot of energy/extremely powerful emotions. I'll ask for mod permission beforehand to use it for alterations, and I'm also fine with weakening

Song Magic capabilities: Magic that is created via singing and requires synchronization with a Genom, a Sharl, Cielnotron tube device, or some sort of connection that will allow her to siphon energy. Ion is an expert at using Song Magic and has the capability of singing songs that would be considered godly such as recreating an entire planet (nerfed for game). She can easily pick up any method of singing and already knows the following languages for song magic: Emotional Song Pact, REON-4213, and Ar Ciela.

Ion's purpose within the Surge Concerto series is to bring about hope. Her soul is kidnapped to Ra Ciela in order to provide a new hope to humanity, leading to her initial despair of being held against her will and experimented on. And when she becomes Empress, she does eventually answer the people's prayers by bringing them hope through the migration to the new planet. Finding hope and fighting despair are big themes in her official Songs too.

I would love to play with Ion's memory loss and having her regain the memories she would have gotten through the process of Ciel Nosurge. I'll plan it so that the more significant CR she gets, the more memories she unlocks. If any other regulations need to be put in place, do tell!


>>>Follow-up emotion portion
[The spider cracks emerge in the ground beneath her legs, splintering outwards as Shun's words hit her. A practice run? She's not sure if she can do MORE than that! Ion's never used magic before (as far as she knows), so suddenly needing to do more when she has no clue what to certainly discouraging. Her doubt calls up thorny vines from the cracks, and they creep up around her as if to cage her in. Yet, when she looks up to Kaneki, that feeling of needing to protect comes back so strongly that the vines wither away almost as quickly as they appeared.]

Is it possible to allow Ion to use song magic using the emotional energy without any pact-making? In Ar Nosurge, Ion is basically like a normal human if she doesn't have a partner with the power source she needs, but it sounds like she'd be able to directly tap into Empatheias' energy, which would make song magic possible by herself.